Quality and Safety

Wholesale As a family of toddlers it is almost impossible to do without a pram. And it has to be safe. Some of the prams you can check yourself. Most children take after-dinner naps. If the pram needs to be used for that purpose, the length of the pram box has to be at least 92 cm, the width 32 cm and it must be 20 cm high. If you own a car the best thing would be if the pram can go in and out of the car smoothly. Check that before you decide on a pram. Also check if the pram is comfortable to walk with and if it seems stabil. You can also decide on a combi pram, which can be used both as a pram and as a stroller. Many of these will, however, be too small to use as a pram when the child reaches the age of 1. Look for one with the same measurements as a regular pram. If you have been blessed with twins the space in the pram will run out around the age of 1. Most twin prams are not twice as big as a regular pram. Then again, a pram of that size would be pretty tough to handle in busses and lifts.