Advice and guidance

Things to remember when you buy

When you buy a pram it is a good idea to look after the “Varefakta” label. That way you can be sure that the pram you are bying is following the excisting safety demands. The pram fabricators decide for themselves whether they want to put the earned “Varefakta” label on the pram or not, but it is the Consumer Information and Danish “Varefakta” who cooperate to test the pram and decide if it meets the demands made by “Dansk Varefakta Nævn” (DVN). DVN has made demands to a great number of safety details to ensure the safety of your child. “Dansk Varefakta Nævn”s consultants decide in cooperation with other specialists which demands needs to me made for which product.
As far as possible the demands are made after Danish or International standards. At DVN they do everything possible to ensure that the demands they decide on will make the pram safe and practical. A TRILLE Pram lives up to the strict safety demands. The fact that you get a beautiful and comfortable pram just adds to the joy of it all.

Safety demands

  • It has to take more than one action to unlock the system that locks the pram box to the frame, or it needs a force of at least 5 kilo. Screws can work their way out and is not a good sollution.
  • The folding mechanism on the frame needs two steps that demands two seperate actions to release.
  • The brakes must be operationable from the drivers side. They have to be efficient enough to stay on a slant surface. A kick stand adds to the safety.
  • Do not hang heavy things from the handle. Use the shopping tray instead.
  • The dictance between handle and pram box should be to be no less than 23 cm.
  • Buy a pram with DVN’s label. That means that the pram lives up to the excisting demands on safety and functionality.
  • There can be no removeable screws small enough for a child to swallow.
  • There can be no areas on the pram where a child can get its finger stuck.
  • There needs to be harness rings in the pram. They need to be safely secured and placed between 40 – 46 cm from the head end. That way they match the DVN approved harnesses. A child must wear a harness from the age of 5-6 months.