About Babytrold

About BabyTrold

BabyTrold is a family-owned company who started developing prams in 1994.

BabyTrold constantly develop new products and keep improving the excisting ones.

Our product line has grown bigger over the past years with many new pram models and new baby equipment.

Becoming a parent is extremely exciting. We wish the best for our new little family member. As a supplier of prams and baby equipment, we know that, and we use that knowledge in our aspiration to create the absolute best products for your baby.

Testing our products is of great importance to us, because at BabyTrold safety is a high priority.

Babytrold is only a supplier of prams and baby equipment and we do not own stores. We do however co-operate with a long list of speciality stores, who can offer an extended service together with a large product assortment and the necessary knowledge to the parents.

Kontakt os:
BabyTrold Aps
Sofiendalsvej 75 - 9200 Aalborg SV
tlf. 96 300 888 - fax. 96 380 888
e-mail: babytrold@babytrold.dk